My Master Key Experience Week 2

Turns out my week 1 blog was a bust for awhile but got on the the digital solutions class which didn’t find my solution but gave me the confidence to try a few things myself and one of them worked! Let see if this post is more successful. I seem to be getting in the groove of creating some new good habits that are making me more aware of the workings of the conscious and subconscious minds. I especially appreciated the thoughts in # 2, 3 and 5 of MKE part 2: “the subconscious’ logical processes are carried on with a CERTAINTY and REGULARITY that would be impossible if there existed the POSSIBILITY of error”! …it “works and makes provision FOR OUR BENEFIT” (or for what it perceives as our benefit as a result of what the “watchman at the gate” has allowed in) and “EASE and PERFECTION depend ENTIRELY upon the degree in which we cease to depend upon the consciousness”. Okay so it would seem it is pretty critical to develop one’s ability to confidently rely less and less on our conscious mind. That’s why I am on this journey–ease and perfection–a lovely life purpose to reflect the image of my maker 🙂

Now the DMP has not been ease–y. I intuitively chose autonomy and liberty as my personal pivotal needs but starting over from scratch on my week 1 DMP while interesting hasn’t hit the mark yet. Back to the drawing board. Perhaps more inspiration will come with reviewing week 1 and week 2 trainings and receiving week 3’s.

Stay tuned….

Polly Schindel

My Masterkey Experience Week 1

I have no idea if this is going to be a blog or a bust. I kind of feel like I am in a website builder not a blog but I will attempt to see if this is going to work.

I have had a busy first week babysitting and homeschooling my 4 grandchildren 11 hours away from my home so my daughter and her husband could have a vacation. You can imagine with 4 kids under 9 and a dog there is not much spare time. I have managed to listen to and watch the recorded first call and sit still for 15 minutes 3 times and have been keeping up with the readings and repetitions for the most part but my timing is a bit off. I am back home now and was able to get my lessons printed off but my hole punch is hiding–oh no, there it is! Ok I will be able to organize my binders now. I have posted my intro video on marco polo and watched my teammates do theirs. I have connected with my guide, Steve, and am looking forward to the gems of instruction he will provide.

I am a little leary that the 45 minutes per day that was projected as what we need to dedicate for the course was underestimated as there seems to be a huge amount of videos, posts, etc that can be accessed. Will just have to see how it plays out, Mark says we will be surprised how much new time we will have 😉

Aloha until next time


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